"I met Susan through coaching. I have had the pleasure of working with several experienced coaches. Susan is by far the most skillful, insightful, and effective that I have ever met. She listens. Not just for key points, but she practices meaningful listening. Her insights often pick up on what is not being said. She cares. In my time with Susan, she often has gone above and beyond what is normally expected to ensure that my time, my questions, my issues were answered or addressed. Susan would routinely go a little deeper in asking probing questions or sharing examples to ensure the ideas I brought to our sessions were covered thoroughly. Susan has a gift for knowing exactly what to say when it comes to providing feedback. Not only was her feedback spot on, but she also noted things others had missed. Her “big picture” thinking and dedicating herself to giving her clients, like me, the best possible experience proved to be invaluable.

Before working with Susan, I struggled with knowing and fully appreciating my unique skills and abilities. Susan pointed them out immediately and reminded me of them often in our exchanges. She validated me as a human being – which I will be eternally grateful for. Susan and her graceful presence and astute observations helped me develop an awareness of things, situations, and people around me. Her self-discovery techniques were extremely helpful in allowing me to reflect on patterns and behaviors in the past with a different perspective, as well as, planning an intention and awareness to my behaviors, actions, and reactions in the future. I now live in a state of joy, feeling confident and hopeful of reaching my personal and professional goals.

With Susan giving generously of her time and beautiful talents, I feel whole again. I am excited for my future, and my life feels completely different. "

Melinda Campbell-Weber

"Susan Merli, as my mentor coach, made all the difference for me. I realized all the different ways one can coach. I learned the benefit of submitting the appropriate demo transcribe to the International Coach Federation (ICF). Susan patiently “mentored” me and encouraged me. I was able to submit my ACC application to ICF by the end of the year which was my goal.

I feel much better about what I need to do to grow and improve my coaching skills. Susan also helped me with the contractual agreement. And I will forever look back on this experience with gratitude for all she taught me. Thank you for your service! "

Kathy Peddicord,

Senior Outreach Coordinator at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

"Susan is as authentic as it gets. She is a highly skilled coach and compassionate human being who has helped me develop courage, confidence and clarity in my life and career.

When I first connected with Susan, I was in need of guidance and support as I looked ahead to the next chapter of my professional life. Susan helped me step out of my comfort zone to rediscover my passions, showcase my skills, create connections, and seize opportunities. She has been my biggest cheerleader, offering professional advice with a contagiously positive outlook on life.

Thanks to Susan, I have gained valuable life skills. I am now enjoying the beginning of a new career and believe there is an even brighter future ahead. Thank you, Susan! "

Rosie Del Campo,

(former CTV Kitchener Producer and News Anchor)
Lead Media Trainer and Media Manager
Durrell Communications

"Susan has to be one of the best coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Her skillset is far beyond that of other coaches. I think one of her unique gifts is her ability to be quiet and really listen. She never interrupts, she pauses to absorb what I say, and she would even pick up on what I did not say. She is a very clever and intuitive coach who knows what she’s doing. One of many things I love about Susan is that she is continually improving her skills by taking advanced training that I’ve never seen other coaches do. She is remarkable. Working with Susan has brought me some clarity about how to proceed in my own career as an entrepreneur. She inspires me, and I would highly recommend Susan as a leadership and personal coach."

Lucie Zettel, M. Msc.,,

Transformational Coach

"The work Susan does is so valuable! In the time she has been my executive coach, I've experienced transformational results, which are having a positive ripple effect on my staff as well. Susan provides such great support and leadership resources that are not only practical, but immediately applicable. I feel re-energized and excited about my job again."

Sonja Hollingworth,

Supervisor, Program Administration, Healthy Living, Health Protection & Investigation and Paramedic Services, Region of Waterloo Public Health

"Metaphorically, life has felt like a box of chocolates...not knowing what I’m gonna get or be!’ Covid has presented a lot of unpredictability, internal chaos and uncertainty of personal and professional direction. Susan has confidently supported and guided me in my journey of finding my growing self! She has provided an abundance of clarity and taught me how to ask the right questions to identify my personal and career priorities and goals. Susan has taught me how to align with my vision and challenges me to push beyond my comfort with having an on-line presence. Her devotion in helping me reach my definition of success has been liberating and rewarding! Thank you Susan!"

Katherine Katsambrokos,

Mental Health Youth Ambassador, Child & Youth Worker

"Thank you for providing me with such helpful advice and for being such an advocate for me. You really helped build my confidence and helped me narrow my scope when looking for a job. You helped me grow my network and feel better about putting myself in positions that allowed me to grow. And you did it all while being so kind and compassionate!"

Gabriella Tangney,

Business Development Coordinator, Access Student Talent Program, Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce

“My experience being coached by Susan was incredibly helpful at a time when I had some difficult career and life choices to make, and it gave me a lot of insight into how constructive coaching can be for better understanding what I wanted out of life and work and aligning my decisions and focus around those goals. And that was just one part of it - Susan is also a great teacher! She share’s a lot of knowledge ranging from health, mindfulness and wellbeing to corporate human resources policies and tricks to help tackle the day to day challenges. All the pieces needed to get closer to the happy balance we are all looking for.”

Bryan P.

“When I first connected with Susan, my life had undergone massive changes in every aspect of what often defines us…place, home, love, friends/family, job. I felt detached from fully knowing myself and any dreams I might have, but was deep down craving new direction and something different amidst the chaos. Susan, with her genuine and empowering approach, guided me to a place of balance where all the pieces finally seemed to fit back together. I now feel more organized, confident, excited, and attuned to the opportunities that continue to present themselves to me. She has a natural ability to inspire, and always surprised me with her vast knowledge and wealth of practical resources and connections. As I continue on this journey, I will again turn to Susan to help me transform and grow.”

Jane H.

“I officially opened my clinic: The parent-child clinic on Monday September 8th. It feels beautiful and even a bit surreal. I have cherished this vision for so long. I would have never imagined last January when I first starting working with you that my deepest desires would have taken form in a short few months. Thank you for allowing me to get crystal clear on my deepest wants. Thank you for helping me focus on my longings. Thank you for making me accountable to take concrete actions. Your coaching me has truly been a blessing, Susan. Thank you for holding space to realize my dream. I can now hold space for all the children and families that need my support. I wish you much love and blessings and to keep doing what you do so well!” Au plaisir ma chérie! xxxx


“I had reached a point in my life where I was struggling with “who or what I wanted to be when I grew up”. Imagine! I was 43 years old, raising two children and building a career - and I decided that I needed a trusted advisor to coach me through some difficult decision making. I had previously known Susan as an acquaintance, and had followed her blog faithfully. However, one day I happened upon the fact that she was also a life coach – which I took as a serendipitous sign that I should contact her immediately. After a telephone conversation that lasted 30 minutes, I knew that I had made the right choice. I had never engaged a life coach before, and wasn’t sure what to expect when I met with Susan face to face. But, within minutes of being in Susan’s presence, I begin to relax. Susan has a unique ability to ask poignant and probing questions, all the while actively listening and observing my body language. She effectively mirrors my responses and asks for clarity to ensure my convictions and observations reflect the reality of my situation. Susan also asks some tough questions! And although sometimes difficult to answer, she ultimately helps me to navigate challenges in all areas of my life – my career, children, relationships and life-goals. I have now come to rely on my sessions with Susan as a way of keeping my life moving in a forwardly direction. I continue to meet with Susan on a regular basis and count on her follow up notes and reference points. Her note-taking is an integral part of the life coaching process as it helps me to keep track of priorities and tasks that we’re agreed would be useful in some way. And, it allows me the opportunity to focus on the issue of the day – I’m free to be in the moment without the distraction of a pen and paper. Susan’ s life coaching focusses on the whole person, and I have counted on her and our time together as integral guideposts along my personal journey. She has provided an outlet to just “be me” and the opportunity to say whatever it is I need to say - all in a warm and non-judgemental environment. Susan has been present for me when I needed her most, and for that I will be continually grateful."


“Susan met me where I was at when we started our coaching together. Her care, insight, understanding was exactly what I needed to guide me though my journey during our time together. I didn’t feel like a cookie cutter client, Susan took the time to learn about me and understand who I was. I felt like an individual who had stepped into a warm space in which I would thrive, based on my make up and who I am..... and that’s exactly what happened. I highly recommend her as a coach.” She is amazing."


"I came to Susan with only a faint, foggy idea to help me eventually launch a side hustle. She challenged me to find clarity, structure and a vision far beyond what I could see from my current vantage point. She not only encouraged me to think bigger, but gave me very practical steps to get my business up and running. With her guidance, I quickly navigated through decision after decision; from business structure to marketing, Susan’s coaching and tools were on-target and tailored to me. She was able to identify my crisis-of-confidence and help me reframe my thinking to keep moving forward. Susan has a wealth of experience and is well-connected, and she provided me with excellent contacts for all the things I needed for my business. She took me from complete newbie to a business owner within three short months. I would highly recommend Authentika Consulting for bringing your faint, foggy business ideas to life."

Bethany M.

“Susan is a natural compass as a coach. She has an innate ability to make you feel validated, wraps you with words of warm and transparent encouragement. With each session, Susan helped me discover, build and navigate my inner strengths, surrounding my professional goals. I truly appreciate the positive push to grow into my better-professional-self. I highly recommend Susan to anyone working to further build on their professional/entrepreneurial or leadership strengths."

Angela M.

"Susan has been the back bone of my growth and rising success as a small business entrepreneur. With her professional background, extensive experience, and brilliant approach, she has shaped the way I present myself and given me the confidence to face any challenge I encounter. I am beyond grateful to work with Susan, having a coach like her is what every entrepreneur needs!”

Val Shah.

"Susan has been a tremendous resource as a business coach. She made it possible for me to be more organized and strategically plan the rebranding of my travel design business. She helped me find confidence in myself and identified tactics I needed to build better brand awareness. Susan supported my ability to keep my focus on top business and brand priorities. At each step of the way, I felt her guidance and encouragement. Every entrepreneur should have a business coach!”

Leila Lavaee


“Susan Merli provided our organization with a four-session customized Leadership - Management training course focused on the art of listening and feedback, fostering emotional intelligence, and then a deep dive into what it takes to be a great leader. She was an excellent instructor, keeping our senior leadership team engaged and explaining the concepts in an applicable manner. The sessions encouraged our management team to establish greater relationships across departments, helping reinforce the concept of cross-functional collaboration and support. The training brought some renewed energy to our management group and was a much needed change in focus after weathering the challenges of leading through the height of the pandemic."

Anne Kircos

Director of Human Resources, City of Stratford

“Susan delivered a 4-part virtual leadership training series (one module a week for a month) for the Region that was highly engaging. The sessions were a great balance of content sharing, engagement, and learning from the collective experiences of the group members. Susan provided tips and resources that participants were able to immediately implement in between each of the sessions, and then build upon at the next module. The training series offered practical insights, regardless of industry or sector, that attendees can apply to their leadership development journey. Susan is a knowledgeable and seasoned leadership trainer who creates a caring and thoughtful learning environment, and is willing to carry on conversations offline to help individual participants get the most out of their experience."

Jordan Steffler

Human Resources Business Partner, Region of Waterloo Human Resources & Citizen Service

“The Primordial Sound Meditation Workshop at Authentika Studios is a refreshing and rewarding experience. Receiving my own personal Mantra was a unique and special experience. I took this workshop shortly before starting a new job and I have been meditating daily since then. I have found more clarity and focus in my life since participating in this program. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone! Thank you Susan for your uplifting nurturing spirit!"

Michelle V.

“I think one of the reasons for the success of this program: your willingness to help ALL of us get onto the path of Better Health. It is like you want us to drink the water because you know HOW much better our lives will be. You share your Wise Words with us and then let them sink in. We go away and ponder for one week and are able to come back and say “wow, you were right”. I also think that the welcoming environment that you provide for the group makes everyone relax and want to learn. As always, the first one is always special and for that all I can say is ‘Thank You Miss Susan”. Yes indeed, Thank You."

Jaye K.


“Susan’s presentations have been very inspirational and thought provoking for me. I know she has had many of my co-workers going home thinking about things a little differently than when they first arrived at work in the morning. Anytime anyone asks me if I know someone who might be able to speak about mental health or wellness… Susan is the first person I think of. Her engagement with the audience is something you need to experience in person to understand – it is as powerful as her smile.”

Dee Muir

Human Resources, Health & Safety Representative, Aberfoyle Regional Office, CRSP, Votorantim Cimentos, CBM Aggregates

“Susan Merli is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Her vast and varied background has made her well versed in the fields of benefits, insurance, communication and personal development. Always well prepared, Susan’s out-of-the-box thinking and entrepreneurial spirit promote critical thinking, creativity and learning. She is driven by an inner passion to make a difference and her calm steady style and warmth, endear Susan to her audiences.”

Thomas P. DeRoche

Director of Educational Programs, International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plan

"Susan’s attitude and belief to follow your passion fearlessly is one that she leads by example. She encourages us to get in touch with our inner spa, to make healthy choices in life, and listen to our bodies. Susan inspires us to take time for ourselves and to recognize that we are all beautiful, inside and out."

Joanne Atkins

Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management

“Susan Cranston generously offered her time and expertise to speak to a diverse group of non-profit employees and volunteers. The presentation was wonderful, and I have been hearing positive reviews from participants ever since. Susan commands a room through sincerity and the obvious joy of engaging with others. The content of her presentation was excellent. It was practical, realistic, and individualized, without being simple and obvious. Everybody left with new tools to use. We have already booked Susan for a second talk, and would not hesitate to recommend her as a speaker. Thanks Susan!”

Cameron Dearlove

Family Centre Coordinator

“Susan Is a dynamic and inspirational speaker with a message for anyone who has struggled with the hectic pace of life today. Susan was a featured speaker at a recent event for Beta Sigma Phi, an International Women’s Sorority. Her topic, “The Tale of the Sister and the Oxygen Mask” received highly favourable responses from our attendees. For any person, who has ever put their own needs on the back burner on a long term basis - whether it be to focus on their career; or to care for spouses, children or parents, Susan has a vital message. She demonstrates that when we change our focus and take care of our personal needs first - not only are we the winners but also, our careers and our families are the long term beneficiaries. But she does not stop there. Susan goes on to give practical advice on ways to tap into our needs and dreams in order to bring them to life.”

Diane Hawrylenko

"Susan is an inspiring and engaging speaker, creating connections with the audience and keeping everyone entertained and motivated. During her keynote speaker presentation at the Women of Waterloo Region (WOW) recognition event in Spring 2013, Susan spoke to the topic of how to “Pay It Forward. Both humorous and thought-provoking, she captivated an audience of women and men by providing insights and thoughts that all could relate to. Susan offered easy and practical ways everyone can make a small difference, and left the audience feeling energized and excited. I would highly recommend Susan for a speaking engagement, and truly look forward to the next time I will call upon her to WOW the audience.”

Christine Tolton

Head of Marketing, Women of Waterloo Region

"Susan, you are simply amazing. Your class, professionalism and follow-up make the experience with the event, Ellevate Toronto Chapter Women on Boards, TOP NOTCH!" Deepest gratitude.”

Adrienne Harris

Executive Council Lead, Ellevate Toronto Chapter