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Susan Cranston
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Susan is a certified leadership coach and business consultant. She is passionate about helping leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners uncover limiting beliefs, gain greater self awareness and foster a growth mind-set so they feel more confident and capable of achieving their most audacious goals. She leverages her experience and passion to serve as a coach and consultant to help people attain greater prosperity, abundance and well-being. 

Susan has over 20 years experience working in financial services with a specialization in B2B marketing and communications of group benefits and retirement plans. In her coaching practice, she works with executives, business owners, and people leaders to help them further their career and business goals. 


  • Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Business Administration, Wilfrid Laurier University.
  • Certified DISC Practitioner, Certified DISC Workshop Practitioner
  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation 
  • Master Coach, Certified Coach Federation
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence (EIQ-2) Practitioner
  • Certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner
  • Certified Employee Benefits Specialist, International Foundation of Employee Benefit Programs and International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists
  • Certified Mindfulness and Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher, Ayurvedic Perfect Health Educator, Certified Yoga Teacher

Susan is active in her community as a volunteer in arts, education and women in business and represents Waterloo Region as the chair of the Women’s Leadership Committee for the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce.


Audrey Kemp
Media Relations Director

Audrey brings over 20 years of corporate experience with proven leadership skills in media relations, product, marketing and business development and project management. Audrey’s past roles include Director of National Education in Group Pension and Retirement Services for a large financial services company and with Manulife Bank supporting sales teams with Sales Concepts, Product, Marketing and Business Development.

Audrey attended Trent University and Carleton University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Art History. Audrey is passionate about providing exemplary service to her clients and is looking forward to collaborating with Authentika clients to fulfil and exceed their business goals and objectives.

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Susan is an experienced facilitator and presenter. She is certified to conduct DISC and EQI-2 Assessments and facilitates workshops in Candid Feedback, Leadership & Career Development, Time Management, Mindfulness & Well-being, Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence.

Susan has had the pleasure of speaking with many audiences, including The Family Centre, Greater KW Chamber of Commerce, Sigma beta Phi, and Women of Waterloo.


Wanting to give a voice and vision to people who’ve made significant changes in their lives, Authentika founder, Susan Cranston, decided it was time to turn inspiring coffee chats with people in her network, into a TV Talk Show featuring people who found their North Star purpose and moved beyond their comfort zone to create a new career for themselves. Authentik You, a local Rogers TV Talk Show features 13, 30-minute episodes with people who courageously journeyed along a new path, one that is authentic to them in every way.

Watch inspiring stories including this of a: photographer, videographer, florist, henna tattoo artists, serial entrepreneur, grief counselor, career coach, artist, magician, authors, accountants, and many others.


There is greatness inside everyone and yet many struggle to live the dreams that are buried deep inside. Through years of conditioning we listen to the “should” instead of what is truly right for us. The window from which we view our world is dirty from years of conditioning. Deafened by life’s “shoulds”, we find it difficult to listen to the messages our body transmits. Our thoughts rationalize away what is truly the right choice. We then suffer a build-up of physical and emotional toxicity. This leads to depression, and physical ailments.

Guests of Your Authentic Life – VoiceAmerica Internet radio show share inspiring stories along with the tips, tools and resources I communicate. My goal is to ignite sparks of hope and confidence in you. It’s time to nourish the connection to your mind, body and spirit. It’s time to connect with what you really want to do whether it be a change in career, relationship, or pursuit of a seemingly unattainable goal.

It is time to break free of past conditioning and live your authentic life now!


“I feel like all of us have a novel inside us waiting to be written. Completing a bucket-list item meant writing a novel.”Writes Susan.

Taking the Nanowrimo challenge, Susan completed her first novel in 29 days. It was the just over 55,000 words, slightly longer than The Great Gatsby (no other similarity to that great work implied).

Three Words
As a Life Coach, Morgan Colter wants nothing more than to help others realize their potential and live their dreams. What about her dreams?

With her sister’s life crumbling, Morgan must summon the strength to save Violet from the devastation of Jake’s clutches. While helping Violet piece her life back together, Morgan finds herself drawn to three men. Running from Waterloo to San Francisco to St. Louis and back, Morgan Should she deny her attraction to Miles? Could there be more to her adoration of Thomas? What will become of her jealously toward Olimpia as she grasps to save her relationship with Julian?

Three words can change her life if she lets them. Join Morgan on her journey.

The Space Between Us
Morgan Colter’s journey continues in Book 2 of the Three Words trilogy.

A grittier, darker look at love, loss, family and self exploration,
The Space Between Us dives deep into the minds and hearts
of the main characters in unexpected ways.

Travel with Morgan as her adventure leads to new and exciting
locations and as she searches to find love and happiness only
to find that her life proves uncertain and unsettling at the best of times.


Our clients make a bigger difference. When you choose to work with us as your coach or consultant, you support local registered charities in the community where you live.

How does it work?
If you live in Waterloo Region, we make a donation to the KW Stratford and Perth Humane Society, Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue and Kids Ability.

If you live in another community, province, state or country, we make a donation to registered charities that provide needed resources to help animal shelters and children and youth with special needs where you live.

We believe in giving back and helping kids and furry friends who need our love and support. We believe that even the smallest effort can yield remarkable results. Every donation makes a difference and together, we make positive change happen.

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached,
never reach their maximum potential.”


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