Susan is a certified leadership coach and business consultant. She is passionate about helping leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners uncover limiting beliefs, gain greater self awareness and foster a growth mindset so they feel more confident and capable of achieving their most audacious goals. She leverages her experience and passion to serve as a coach and consultant to help people attain greater prosperity, abundance and well-being.


What is coaching really?

It is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Source: The International Coach Federation (ICF)


Our “why” is driven by the belief that when we consciously choose the person we wish to be, it is a choice that reflects the highest vision of our self. In so doing, we are able to align all that we say, do and believe with our core values and our North Star.


“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”



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Kind Words

  • RH
    “Susan met me where I was at when we started our coaching together. Her care, insight, understanding was exactly what I needed to guide me though my journey during our time together. I didn’t feel like a cookie cutter client, Susan took the time to learn about me and understand who I was. I felt like an individual who had stepped into a warm space in which I would thrive, based on my make up and who I am..... and that’s exactly what happened. I highly recommend her as a coach.” She is amazing."
  • Sharon
    “I officially opened my clinic: The parent-child clinic on Monday September 8th. It feels beautiful and even a bit surreal. I have cherished this vision for so long. I would have never imagined last January when I first starting working with you that my deepest desires would have taken form in a short few months. Thank you for allowing me to get crystal clear on my deepest wants. Thank you for helping me focus on my longings. Thank you for making me accountable to take concrete actions. Your coaching me has truly been a blessing, Susan. Thank you for holding space to realize my dream. I can now hold space for all the children and families that need my support. I wish you much love and blessings and to keep doing what you do so well!” Au plaisir ma chérie! xxxx
  • Jane H.
    “When I first connected with Susan, my life had undergone massive changes in every aspect of what often defines us…place, home, love, friends/family, job. I felt detached from fully knowing myself and any dreams I might have, but was deep down craving new direction and something different amidst the chaos. Susan, with her genuine and empowering approach, guided me to a place of balance where all the pieces finally seemed to fit back together. I now feel more organized, confident, excited, and attuned to the opportunities that continue to present themselves to me. She has a natural ability to inspire, and always surprised me with her vast knowledge and wealth of practical resources and connections. As I continue on this journey, I will again turn to Susan to help me transform and grow.”
    Jane H.
  • Brian P.
    “My experience being coached by Susan was incredibly helpful at a time when I had some difficult career and life choices to make, and it gave me a lot of insight into how constructive coaching can be for better understanding what I wanted out of life and work and aligning my decisions and focus around those goals. And that was just one part of it – Susan is also a great teacher! She share’s a lot of knowledge ranging from health, mindfulness and wellbeing to corporate human resources policies and tricks to help tackle the day to day challenges. All the pieces needed to get closer to the happy balance we are all looking for.”
    Brian P.