How do you spend your birthday? Yesterday was mine. I’ve made it an annual habit that I don’t work on my birthday. I want to have a day where I have more control over my interactions with a focus on self care and self reflection. It is something I’ve encouraged clients to consider as a form of employee recognition too — giving employees a paid day off on their birthday. 

People have mixed feelings about birthdays. Some make a big deal of it with parties and various celebrations and for others, it is a non-event where they don’t even share that it is their birthday. 

I love recognizing birthdays. The ability to honour and recognize the gifts people bring into my life is something I cherish. Doing so brings conscious awareness to the present moment, to the gift of life, to the gift of people who share with me on this amazing, crazy journey. A birthday creates a moment to pause, to appreciate, to honour the gift that is life. Recognizing another’s annual milestone is a celebration of love. It creates a connection to oneness, to something bigger than what we are as individuals. 

Today I’m going to celebrate my friend, Val’s birthday. She is an entrepreneur who has started not one, but two businesses. Not unlike the McDonald brothers, she’s faced her version of a Ray Kroc experience and rose from the ashes. I treasure her resilience and ability to dream big. She remains committed to her values and to living the dream of building something that matters and makes a difference to people’s health and well-being. Now she has a thriving business focused on a Drōm movement and mindfulness practice through drumming on exercise balls. 

So I invite you to think about your birthday and the birthdays of those who you treasure in your life. Take a moment to recognize them, to laugh with them, to cry with them, to hold them in your heart as the precious child they are…born into this world with hopes and dreams. Life can be so beautiful if you choose to adopt this mindset.

Whether or not today is your actual birthday, I extend the same hopeful wishes to you — may you feel content,  may you feel love, and may you feel a sense of peace with who you are and the unique gifts you alone have the ability to share with the world. Happy Birthday.